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Welcome to DataLyca Technologies

Karunakar Reddy our founder, has more than two decades of experience in the software industry and worked in various roles that include both management as well on technical. He earlier co-founded a startup called ElewaSoftwares , and had successfully built a product on VR/AR. He also co-owner of Justplay sports club

Our Vision

Analyze sensor-produced data and show it in an intuitive way for end customers to positively work on.

Our Mission

Collate data from IoT/Image sensors. Use edge, cloud, Machine Learning algorithms(ML) to extensively analyze, and show insights in an easily comprehendible format in the mobile app.

Our Team

We are a team of 10+ engineers, having expertise in Python, computer vision, AWS cloud, Deep learning, as well as web/mobile technologies such as Angular and Flutter.

Who We Are

We bring together human and computer vision to quantify the findings

We are Professional

Our team has deep expertise in scoping, planning and developing computer vision projects for global scale across many industries.


We are Passionate

A quickest way through which you can convert your unstructured image, video, text, and audio data into actionable insights.


We are Creative

Our product provides an end-to-end solution. We leverage pixels/data to deliver a positive impact to the end customer.


We are Designer

We design user experience. We strive to improvise our rendering by having more delight and less frustration in customer.


We are Unique

We create solutions by taking the part from the latest technology and build absolutely new instruments that will benefit our clients.


We are Support

Providing support in designing secure, trustworthy and explainable AI and also helps in increasing the value of your unstructured data.


Our Products

Both our products are built using computer vision. BirdiIns( player tracker) is in the MVP stage and Radiology AI is in the tech evaluation stage.

BirdieIns helps to quantify player performance and helps them improve their overall game. The product is envisioned to help players, achieve their goals by providing comprehensive feedback supported with data along with an in-depth analysis.

View quantitative feedback and improvement areas in the mobile app
Check the player speediness across the games
Quantify player reaction to different shots
Annotate the video frame, and share the feedback with player
View player performance across activities
Set your own goals and track them
Architecture is implemented in such a way that new compute gets instantiated when there’s a new video uploaded. The instance automatically gets terminated upon processing of data.


We bring together human and computer vision to quantify the findings


Apply AI on medical images to derive insights and share the same with concerned healthcare professionals for the overall improvement of patient care

Our Partner

We are supported by various platform foundations offering mentoring services and a knowledge graph.

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